Core values

Core values
Core values

Our platform, technologies and trading methods are constantly evolving, our core values remain the same!” — Global OMC Markets

Our firm commitment is the foundation to provide you with customer service excellence.

We achieve this through:

— building a relationship of trust with our clients and partners;

— continual and Everlasting Development, Strengthening and Organizing of all processes;

— our team is carrying for the platform improvement, personal growing and finding new ways to achieve the best results.

Security of Funds

Security, Accuracy, Reliability, and Performance are functions of Global OMC Marketing Operational Excellence. Our primary core value is to provide all of our customers with the safest and most profitable trading experience which is available all over the world.

According to our terms and conditions, your capital assets are not being used for other purposes.

Once used, your credit card numbers and details are immediately removed from our servers. Our website uses military-grade encryption to secure all connections. Payment of winning trades is guaranteed*

*please read terms and conditions, legal statement and other information relating to your account