Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

“Creating a Better World through Benevolence”

Depositing funds with Global OMC Markets is quick and easy. It requires just a few simple steps. Global OMC Markets, as a leading financial services provider around the world, plays a prominent role in the local economy of each community in which we are located. We realize that we have an obligation and a “Corporate Responsibility” to engage in activities which go beyond the short-term business interests of the firm and promote positive social, economic and environmental change.

As such, we at Global OMC Markets individually and collectively hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance, acting as responsible corporate citizens, respecting human rights, managing and ensuring that our business activities have a positive impact on the world around us.

Our “Ethics Policy” defines our corporate initiative to assess and embrace social and corporate responsibility. It serves as a compass that guides and directs the company’s actions, and encourages a positive impact through its activities on the environment, on social welfare, our stakeholders, clientele, employees, communities, all other members of the public domain. These activities include a number of community and charitable initiatives around the world, including voluntary work with social organizations.

Seven Key Principles

According to ISO 26000 (See ISO 26000) “The Seven Key Principles” advocated as the roots of socially responsible behavior are:



3.Ethical behavior.

4.Respect for stakeholder interests.

5.Respect for the rule of law.

6.Respect for international norms of behavior.

7.Respect for human rights.